Established in 1993 NELA Textile
is exporting since 2002 ready made garments for women, men and children.
The founders of the company are dealing since their childhood with textiles
and have an excellent knowledge in all production stages.
Our team consists of people with great experiences in their area.
One of our speciality and advantage is to produce a wide range of woven items.
Our product groups are predominantly consisting of Combi articles
such as skirts-blazer jackets - trousers & skirt combinations
but we do also succesfully produce coats,
blouses, dresses, denims and non-denim items.
The benefit to produce Denim and Non-Denim articles with us is our ability to process
these type of items with a classic and fine woven manifacturing understanding.
Our pattern makers are very skillfull and great experts in their jobs.
We do carry out the entire proccess from developing up to delivery in house.
Our company operates in Istanbul on a 4000 square meter are and also has a second production
facility in Cankiri which is close to our capital city of Ankara. We are ready to give a top service
to our clients, thanks to our product quality, fashion understanding and technical knowledge.